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  • Shilpy Chaudhary

Career Crisis during CORONA - How can Career Counselling Help!

Careers and Job Industry has been immensely effected due to worldwide pandemic. As per Economic Times – more than 41 lakh youth have lost their jobs in India alone due to COVID-19 pandemic (ILO-ADB Report). The maximum hit has been faced by Industries like –

  • Airline Industry

  • Auto parts & Equipment Industry

  • Travel & Tourism

  • Hotel & Restaurant Industry

  • Leisure Facilities etc.

As a result along with youth who have already lost jobs the Employment Prospects for First Time Jobseekers are also at very high risk. The Job Offers have been rolled back, Internships have been cancelled. Even the government job vacancies have been either cancelled or put on hold for uncertain period of time. The entrance exams have been either cancelled or postponed. The future of youth is in jeopardy.

What do Career Counsellors feel about this situation?

No doubt these are highly challenging times, ones that have never ever been even speculated by our generation. However we, the Career Counsellors strongly feel that perhaps these challenging times have provided us an opportunity to analyze the job market and revisit our Future Prospects. Though there are Industries that are hit extremely, at same time there are Industries which have benefitted multiple folds. The industries that have been growing continuously ever since pandemic struck us are –

  • E Learning – Edu-Tech Industry

  • E Commerce - Online Merchandising, Product Delivery

  • Medical Equipment’s Services and Pharmacy

  • Food Technology & Online Food Delivery

  • Agriculture Technology – Packaged Food, Healthcare Supplements & Products

  • Gaming Industry

How can Career Counselling help to improve this situation?

The Career Counsellors have to play a very crucial role in these challenging times. We not only have to keep our youth motivated and hopeful for their Present and Future Career, but also have to guide them to explore themselves and up-skill themselves as per the new demands of the industry.

The Industry is changing so rapidly and drastically that projecting anything about future is very difficult. However still there are Industries and Careers that are thriving at a rapid rate. Hence we have to keep reminding ourselves that however tough and challenging it may seem but scenario is going to get better.

It will get better for those who will keep themselves hopeful, flexible and adaptable. Who will be aware of their strengths and skills and who will be ready to transform themselves into someone who future world needs.

The future definitely belongs to youth who know themselves in and out. Who have identified their passion and understood how it can help to fulfil voids in other people’s life. The future belongs to Creators, Innovators, Dreamers and Passion Followers.

And Career Counsellors are very well equipped to help you explore your personality, Identify your strengths, your Skills, your Passion. They can help to identify the Industries and Roles where your strengths and skills can be of great help.

So if you at a stage in your life where you feel that you don’t know where your life and career is going. You are in confusion whether to continue where you are or to make a move. If you are tired of thinking over and over again about your career prospects.

Reach out a Career Counsellor Today and gift yourself a life of Self-Control and Accomplishment.

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