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  • Shilpy Chaudhary

Exploring the Hidden Job Market

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Hello Jobseekers! Today let’s talk about our most preferred platform for searching and applying for jobs. What is it?

Of course its 2021 hence “Online Job Portals”.

You are absolutely right and this indeed is the best way to apply for jobs so far; as you get to contact the relevant company and persons responsible for hiring for those job opportunities.

But have you ever wondered that how some of your friends, colleagues or acquaintances with almost similar or even less education and experience than you manage to secure better positions or entry in Top Ranking Global Organizations whereas you either keep struggling in same organization or are able to manage to apply for some similar ranking organization like you are already in. How some people are able to climb the corporate ladder in even less than half duration than others? Right?

Well there can be so many explanations this but today we are going to discuss about some amazing techniques and ways to improve our job application process from now on.

Let’s have a glance at our Current Job Application Process

We prepare a profile on the Job Portal and upload a common resume. Search for available job vacancies and apply for them. Then wait for recruiters to shortlist our resume and call us for interview.

But do you know that this is not the right way of approaching to jobs anymore.

Because the real jobs are not advertised on jobsites anymore (please refer to below image) and the big question is how to tap these undisclosed job opportunities.


Well the answer is with better understanding of yourself, your industry, and its requirements with right methods of approaching or tapping these opportunities.

The very first step could be to understand the perspective of employers while hiring right candidates for their vacancies. Following figure may help you to understand it.

Figure one shows the Direction of Channels that jobseekers follows to search and apply for jobs


However the direction that recruiters or employers follow to search and apply for jobs is here.


Yes, as you can see very clearly that both directions are exactly opposite of each other. Well this is because the employers wish to hire best candidates which means a candidate- Who is already familiar with the organization and the roles and responsibilities etc. hence they choose Internal Job Postings and Lateral Movements etc. This is very cost effective and quickest way as well to fill the position. Next way they go for is by trying to find candidates from the known circle of their existing employees, as these candidates may prove to be as trust worthy and productive as their existing employee. And of course this method is also very effective, quick and economic as well for the employers. If it doesn’t work then employers start to explore their network and spread the news about vacancy in their existing network using word of mouth and internal, mails, calls etc. to their Clients, Alumni, Vendors etc. Only when none of these work they decide to take help of external channels like Professional Organizations that support in Hiring of Candidates or Recruitment Agencies as they take care of whole recruitment process until the right candidate is hired. However only when all these mediums are not able to close the position as per the requirement of Organization, the vacancy is rolled out on Job Portals. And when it’s out, hope you are aware of Job Applicants Numbers who apply to them. It varies from thousands to even lack. Now imagine, the probability of you getting selected to this vacancy by applying to this job on Job Portal. Very Low… Right? But then what is the solution? Well the solution is a well-planned, well organized and result oriented approach that ensures maximum visibility of your expertise, skills and talent to your future or potential employers. Which empowers you to outshine your performance and achievements so well that you start attracting opportunities on your own. But yes this approach definitely requires you to have a complete understanding of your Strengths and Weaknesses, Skill-Set, Personality Traits, Aptitude and Attitude, Your Motivators and Stressors etc. Once you are aware of all this then you can start building your network with your colleagues who are may be already working for your dream employer, building network on professional platforms like:

  • Linkedin

  • Opportunity

  • Meetup

  • Sumry

  • Jobcase

  • Viadeo

  • Hire

  • Xing

Make connections with employees in roles like – Talent Acquisition Managers, Recruitment Managers, Staffing Specialist, and Manager – Talent Systems & Resourcing etc.

Keep posting about your experiences, achievements and even day today work related updates that establishes and boosts your image as a Domain Expert.

You may request their guidance or counselling as well to strengthen your profile and step up the corporate ladder, I am sure most of them would be happy to help a person who is courageous enough to contact them to seek their expert guidance.

“Efforts made with genuine attitude in right direction are always fruitful in both short-term and long-term.”

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