Five Life Changing Benefits of Career Counselling for Job Seekers in 2021

Career counselling is a process that helps an individual to understand themselves better, in order to make informed decisions about their career. Whether in person or online, there are plenty of options when it comes to obtaining career guidance and support.

You might be surprised to know that Career Guidance and Counselling equally important and effective for both a student with minimal work experience and an established professional with many years of experience in your kitty, you may currently be in a position where you’re feeling puzzled about your career options or looking for a change.

Here are five major advantages of Career Counselling :-

  1. Broad Perspective and Limitless Career Prospects: The right career counsellor will help you to plan your career and provide a long-term perspective that helps you to achieve your career goals quickly and comfortably. This will furnish you with the confidence you need to master your goals and achieve true sense of achievement in career. It is very easy to feel isolated and become disheartened when you are looking for a new job. ‘It is sometimes hard to know how to deduce what is happening when you apply to a job and get no response, or when you become convinced that your age, race or gender disqualify you from being fairly considered. A good counsellor has the capability to adjust your mind-set and make you comprehend that you have what it takes to make the desired career move. Much of the work is focused on mind-set and attitudes with an inclination towards nurturing positivity, resilience, confidence and hope for forth-coming opportunities.

  2. Clarity of Career Objectives and Goals: Career counselling plays an important role in selecting your career, giving you the opportunity to get to know and recognize yourself and the industry and work culture in detail, and thus helping you make more informed and meaningful career decisions. This is an outstanding resource enabling you to clarify your career goals through a range of discussions and assessments. Some key questions you may be asked include:

  • What are your most preferred industries and roles?

  • What activities are you passionate about?

  • What have been your achievements in past?

  • What qualities in your behavior are you commonly appreciated for?

  • What is your ideal career choice?

  • What is your awareness level for your preferences?

  • What is your personality type?

  • How do you handle conflicts at work?

  • How do you manage work related stress?

3. Excellent understanding of Career Options: When you seek professional career guidance, you’ll be able to discuss career options that are of interest to you. Together, you’ll be better able to understand the factors influencing your career development, including your personality, interests, capabilities, values and background.

In this setting, it will be made clear to you what education or training you need to pursue in order to achieve your career goals. Your career counsellor will help you to understand the scope of the career that interests you and also support you in locating the right resources and sources of information. What’s more, you’ll also be able to discuss strategies that will help you to find employers who offer internships or jobs in your areas of interest.

4. Identification of Strengths and Weaknesses: A career guide is an excellent way to determine your strengths and weaknesses. In this setting, you will perform a series of tests, including personality tests, aptitude tests, psychometric analysis tests and IQ tests. These will help you to discover the best career options for you based on your abilities. Even if you excel in your chosen area and have plenty of qualifications, your career counsellor will show you which areas need improvement and will teach you how to improve on those areas.

5. Development of most suitable Career Strategies: The job search is a unique process that differs based on the individual in question, their experience and the type of job they’re seeking. Career counsellors will help you to craft a strategy that suits you precisely. They will teach you a range of strategies, from how to network to improve your career to how to find a job using social media. They will also help you to find training and development opportunities, whether that involves course options for college or university students, or adult learning opportunities for professionals seeking a career change. So, Even if you feel confident about your career path and don’t plan on taking the advice of a career counsellor, think all over again! From creating multiple career options and plans to connecting with industry professionals, this is the perfect way to empower yourself with the resources you need to begin your dream career. You’ll also gain access to the resources you need to gain a promotion or ask for a salary increase. Hence this type of professional career guidance conducted with help of truly scientific methods and psychometric tools.

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