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  • Shilpy Chaudhary

Letting them decide-Makes them better decision makers in life

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Imagine you are sitting on the dining table with your family, discussing about the success of your child in IIT Entrance Exams. You are so overwhelmed that you just feel like calling each and every one in your family, friends and relatives about this splendid moment that you always dreamt of. Since you were not able to clear the IIT entrance yourself. You planned for this day since that day and made every possible effort so that your child can clear the entrance in very first attempt. You enrolled her/him for tuitions, preparatory classes since class 8th and now this moment has finally arrived when your dreams have come true.

Wow! Seems like every parents story and our hidden wish. But wait… Who are we talking about?

Its’ all about you. Isn’t it?

Your dream has come true not your child’s. By the way do you know what your child actually wanted to become? Did you miss asking this question to your child?

Well yes, today we are talking about importance of your child’s decision and their contribution when career plans are made for them.

If you will notice inside your house carefully you may find that almost everything is what your child chose. From small items like toys, dresses, books, decorative items etc. to bigger ones like Car, TV, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phone etc. So you trust & appreciate your child’s choices right and consider them too.

Then what happens when we have to decide about their career? It’s your child’s future and their life that we are talking about. That’s a good enough reason for them to have the final say on their career decisions. But do you trust your child’s choices when it comes to career.

As a parent it’s our duty to ensure the safety and security of our child’s future. But at the same time is also not our duty to give them an equal opportunity to include their choices as well in the list.

But hey! How many career options are you aware of? Let’s enlist a few…

  1. Science : Doctor, Engineer, Scientist etc.......

  2. Commerce : Bank Employee, CA, Businessman etc.....

  3. Humanities : Teacher, Professor Govt. Officer etc....

So, if your child becomes any of these than he/she is successful and their career or future is safe right?

But are you aware that in present scenario industry is offering us more than3000 options to choose from excluding the opportunities for entrepreneurs, start-ups, small and medium business opportunities etc.

New career opportunities are appearing every day and old ones are being written-off due as world is changing as such a fast pace.

Hence it is our responsibility to be open in conversations with our children and not just keep ourselves aware of new trends in Careers and Job Market but also promote our children to explore new gaps and opportunities.

Sometimes parent-child interactions on career and life decisions end up in conflicts and hurt. And this may tempt you to feel like giving up on your child’s decisions altogether. Let this not become a roadblock for them.

We all know very well that what we should do as Parents to keep our children happy and motivated. Today let’s talk about what we should not do-

Don’t push your child too hard and go beyond her potential and interests to please others –

Our children are our treasure and they are so delicate but at times we become so harsh and even cruel to them to perhaps just prove a point to some of our relative or friend. Or may be to just prove that our child is better than theirs.

Don’t limit your child’s Choices and Horizons -

You may give your child the freedom to make a few decisions. But don’t start objecting or raising red flags when they seem to be not going the desired way. Give them some time and chance. Let them go out in open, earn their own experiences and learn from their mistakes.

Don’t be disappointed on your child’s failures -

Imagine if your child would have told you to opt for options like Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence or Liberal Arts a decade ago. How would you have reacted? But these days these careers are among the top careers and most of your relatives and friends also appreciate them. But that wouldn’t have been the scenario 10 years back as these were just emerging fields that time.

Hence let the children explore their ocean of opportunities and decide for themselves which direction they want to head on to. Which mountain they want to overcome and which peak they wish to climb. So that when you sit again with your child for these discussions we may say that “Your Child’s Dream has Come True”

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