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  • Shilpy Chaudhary

Why is Career Counselling must for students in India?

Updated: May 11, 2021

In India approximately 93% of students between 17 to 21 age group are aware about only 5 to 7 career options. Whereas Indian Employment Industry offers jobs in more than 250 Careers at this very point of time.

Highly skilled and talented students are wasting their fortune and earning opportunity by blindly following the “Rat Race”. They never get an opportunity to identify their true potential and their calling or passion. And by the time they become aware of it; the golden period of their life is already lost forever.

Approximately 70% of Indian students waste 3 to 5 years of their youth in Govt. Job preparation from which only a fraction are able to get appointments remaining 80 to 90 % get disappointments only. Then most of them live whole of their life as failures or losers. However in reality they may be the experts or masters in some other fields with unmatched and unexplored potential to become leaders of those fields.

If we don’t run blindly towards becoming Doctors, Engineers and CAs only, we might become Presidents, Scientists or Business Tycoons discussing Global Trends and National & International Policies. We might as well become World Class Musicians, Painters, Dancers, Travelers or perhaps Historians, Archaeologists, Explorers and live in communion with Nature where our purpose is not just earning money but making our lives worth living and simultaneously leaving a positive impact on others’ lives too. We surrender to situations and become followers whereas all of us have potential to become inspirations for generations to come.

Every individual on Earth is unique and has something really extraordinary that no other person can ever match. It is so important to identify that unique talent as it may change not just ours but others lives as well forever. Because few centuries back just one person “Thomas Alva Edison” was enough to bring entire Human Race from darkness to light by inventing Electric Bulb. And our Science and History books are full with stories of similar extraordinary people who changed destiny of entire human race forever million number of times.

And yes a single Career Counselling Session has potential to do these wonders for us. By helping us to answer that one question - What I am good at? or what is my passion?

The correct answer may change course of lives and our perspective forever, leading us to more meaningful and rewarding career and life.

And this is not done by some magic potion or Jugad technology. However Career Counselling uses 100% scientific approach that helps to analyze our strengths, skills, personality traits, attitude, aptitude, likes, dislikes, intelligence type and areas of intelligence etc. Counsellors use lots of scientific tools and techniques to answer these questions for you. So what are you waiting for? Book your counselling session today.

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